This document sets out the privacy principles on the website (hereinafter the "Website"). The Website Administrator is Greg Pawlak



  1. The Administrator collects information provided voluntarily by Website Users. Also, the Administrator may save information about connection parameters such as IP addresses for technical purposes related to server administration and to collect general, statistical demographic information (e.g. about the region from which the connection takes place), as well as for security purposes.

  2. Personal data collected by the Administrator are processed under the law, only based on an authorization to process data and only to archive or perform services provided electronically by the Administrator and for other purposes specified in the Regulations.

  3. The Administrator makes special efforts to protect privacy and information provided to him regarding Website Users. The administrator selects and applies appropriate technical measures, including programming and organizational ones, with due diligence, ensuring the protection of processed data, in particular, protects data against their disclosure to unauthorized persons, disclosure, loss and destruction, unauthorized modification, as well as against their processing in violation applicable law.

  4. Due to the voluntary nature of the User's providing their data, they have the right to access their data, correct them, and may also request the Administrator to delete the previously provided personal data from the data sets kept by the Administrator, subject to the next sentence. The Administrator may refuse to delete data if the User, through his previous behavior on the Website, violated the provisions of this document or the Regulations or applicable law, and the retention of data is necessary to clarify these circumstances and determine the User's liability.

  5. If the user subscribes to the newsletter, the Administrator will send to the e-mail address provided by the User messages containing information about services available on the Website, as well as information about organized competitions, promotions.

  6. The administrator may entrust the processing of personal data to third parties providing certain services, including in particular Ltd. with its registered office in Tel Aviv, Israel, operating the website, to perform the newsletter service and host. In particular, the following data will be entrusted: name and surname, e-mail address.


  1. When browsing the Website's pages, "cookies" are used, i.e. small text information that is saved on the User's end device in connection with the use of the Website. Their use is aimed at the correct operation of the Website.

  2. The cookies used by the Administrator are safe for the User's devices. In particular, viruses or other unwanted software or malware can't enter Users' devices in this way. These files allow to identify the software used by Users and customize the Website individually for each User. Cookies usually contain the name of the domain from which they originate, their storage time on the device and the assigned value.

  3. The administrator uses two types of "cookies":

  4. Session cookies: they are stored on the Website User's device and remain there until the end of the browser session. The saved information is then permanently deleted from the memory of the Website User device. The mechanism of session cookies does not allow us to download any personal data or any confidential information from the device of the Website User.

  5. Persistent cookies: they are stored on the Website User's device and remain there until they are deleted. Ending a given browser session or turning off the device does not delete them from the device of the Website User. The mechanism of persistent cookies does not allow downloading any personal data or any confidential information from the device of the Website User.

  6. 4. The administrator uses "cookies" for the following purposes:

  7. Website configuration;

  8. verification and development of the offer;

  9. creating statistics;

  10. creating statistics that help understand how Website Users use websites, which allows improving their structure and content through analytical tools Facebook Pixel, whose administrator is Facebook Inc. based in the USA and Google Analytics whose administrator is Google Inc. based in the USA.

  11. determining the User's profile to display him tailored materials in advertising networks, using the Google AdSense online advertising tool, which is administered by Google Inc. based in the USA.

  12. popularizing the Website using the social website, whose administrator is Twitter Inc. based in the USA.

  13. We recommend that you read the privacy policies of the companies listed above to learn how to use "cookies".

  14. "Cookies" can be used by advertising networks, in particular, the Google network, to display ads tailored to how the User uses the Website. For this purpose, information about the User's navigation path or time spent on a given page may be stored.

  15. In terms of information about user preferences collected by the Google advertising network, the User may view and edit information derived from "cookies" using the tool:

  16. The User may independently and at any time change the settings for "cookies", specifying the conditions for their storage and access by "cookies" to the User's device. Changes to the settings referred to in the previous sentence can be made by the user via the web browser settings or by using the service configuration. These settings can be changed in particular in such a way as to block the automatic handling of "cookies" in the web browser settings or to inform about them every time they are placed on the User's device. Detailed information about the possibilities and ways of handling "cookies" are available in the software (web browser) settings.

  17. The user may at any time delete "cookies" using the features available in the web browser he uses:

  18. Internet Explorer;

  19. Chrome;

  20. Safari;

  21. Firefox;

  22. Opera;

  23. Android;

  24. Safari (iOS);

  25. Windows Phone;

  26. Blackberry.

  27. Restricting the use of "cookies" may affect some of the functionalities available on the Website.

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