Two ways to reduce trading time

Updated: Jun 9

We are living now in times where the pace of life is very fast and often there is no time for daily activities, let alone tracking charts and concluding transactions during the day.

That's why I present you with two ways that can help you organize your trade better,

Let's get started❗ 🙂

The first solution you can use is to use the daily chart after closing the candle on a given day.

Then you check the chart at a fixed time, once a day and decide whether to enter into transactions or not.

Tip: A profitable strategy built on the daily chart is very stable.

The second option is to copy transaction signals on a social trading platform.

In this situation, you do not have to worry about the strategies as in the case of the first solution, this is done by the signal provider you choose.

Instead, your task is to choose the signals to copy, according to your preferences, and how much you want to invest.

Check what additional benefits you can get by using the social trading platform.❗ 🙂

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