Problem with choose VPS server? I have 3 tips for you.

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

When you invest in the stock market with EA, your platform must be turn on for the duration of the trading, these are the technical requirements.

You can use a laptop and an internet connection that you have at home, but it is quite a risky solution due to poor security when using electricity and connection to applications in which you support larger sizes, other complex ones are worth considering.

VPS server rental.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a separate place in the data center where ideal conditions for the installation of platforms and strategies are available.

These are among others:

  1. Area for platform installation, strategy files, analyzes,

  2. UPS protection against power failure

  3. various Internet service providers to maintain connection.

  4. Depending on the VPS provider, sometimes brokers are available for free VPS servers in exchange for available monthly turnover

You can use the VPS server remotely using a computer or other device, e.g. a smartphone or tablet. It seems to be very similar to a home computer, so installing platforms and policy files does not require a solution to the problem.

What to look for when choosing a VPS server?

  1. Stability of server interruptions for various reasons, system reset or maintenance, disqualification of such supplies as a partner

  2. RAM size, RAM is responsible for the operation of the platform, in my experience that 1 GB of RAM is enough to support one platform with 10 strategies installed.

  3. Location, the larger the data center, the greater the security

If you are serious about trading, you should use a VPS server.

check which VPS I use

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