Does every strategy portfolio have any chances of profit?

You've created a strategy portfolio but something is wrong?

Instead of earning, he loses, and yet creating a portfolio was to minimize the risk of losses.

I have to disappoint you:( , creating an investment portfolio, even with a larger number of strategies, but of low quality, e.g. too matched to historical data or with a high correlation coefficient will give just such a result, it will do more harm than good.

A strategy too suited to historical data looks good only in historical tests, ideal conditions. In real trade, the strategy must face various adversities, e.g. sudden price changes that cause prices to slippage, so the profitability of such strategies is, to put it mildly, questionable.

Using a strategy with a high correlation coefficient will only increase the risk of incurring losses. I wrote about strategy correlation here, read this article to better understand this topic.

Great! :) Now you know what to avoid when building a portfolio of strategies😊

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