My name is Greg Pawlak and I have been dealing with the currency exchange since 2006.

Over the years I have gained experience as a discretionary trader, spending many hours at the computer trading, creating and testing new investment opportunities.

Such a work pattern meant that I had too little time for myself, so I started to look for a more effective way to trade, so I discovered investments using automatic strategies.

It was a hit, which changed the face of my investments!

Thanks to the introduction of automation to trade and testing using the program, the process of implementing new strategies were faster, more efficient and most importantly I was able to check more investment ideas at the same time.

This is how the idea of ​​investing with the use of a portfolio was born, which includes many qualitative, low-correlated strategies.

In this way, I increased profits and minimized the risk of incurring losses.

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My mission is to provide qualitative automated strategies to improve trading investors at various levels of advancement.
I want to reach 5,000,000 investors around the world, show that trading in automated strategies is the future of investing in Forex.
analysis and evaluation of results, in these words I can describe my work on the market
The Forex market is changing to maintain the profitability of the portfolio of strategies, every day I research the possibilities of creating new, profitable strategies.
It tests, among others:
  1. Settings of indicator periods
  2. The behavior of indicators at different intervals
Different types of closing transactions:
  1. Take profit levels
  2. Stop loss levels
  3. a combination of indicators
Many types of loss protection:
  1. Stop loss levels
  2. Trailing stop
  3. a combination of indicators
How I working

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Profesor Pips is created by a trader for traders, to show that Trading the portfolio is a good solution to be a profitable trader in the long term.

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Risk Disclaimer

Trading spot currencies involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss. Your trading results may vary. Because the risk factor is high in the foreign exchange market trading, only genuine "risk" funds should be used in such trading. If you do not have the extra capital that you can afford to lose, you should not trade in the foreign exchange market. Forex Brokers and ZuluTrade are compensated for their services through the spread between the bid/ask prices or there may be a cost to initiate a trade through the bid/ask spread. Profit-sharing accounts are subject to a monthly performance fee per selected trading system.

Forex trading involves a real risk of loss. No "safe" trading system has ever been devised, and no one can guarantee profits or freedom from loss. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

All information posted on the site www.profesorpips.com and subpages is the author's subjective view, is educational and does not constitute investment advice, recommendations or suggestions of the strategy. Investments on the currency exchange using financial leverage are associated with the risk of losing some or all of your capital, even with little price movement. When making investment decisions, be guided by your own judgment.